Work Update – General Administrative Tasks

Work Period: Sep 25, 2017
Hours Worked: 4:00 @$5.00/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.00*
(*Exclusive of $2 Upwork fee service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Watched more videos from the uploaded but not watched spreadsheet.

Work Update Feedback – SBI to WordPress Conversion

  • Watched the video and published the work update after making the necessary changes.
  • In the video you have asked me to contact Aweber for affiliate details, but I am unable to login into to your Aweber dashboard. I think the password has been changes, could you please share the new password with me.

Database of previously hired and interviewed candidates

  • This video is about creating a database for all candidates that we have hired or even interviewed.
  • Request permission to contact again (are they interested in follow up work?)
  • Save contact data, data that we know about that person
  • Rate past candidates/hires internally
  • Screen through existing database first before hiring fresh people
  • Consider rehiring proven assistants from the past in order to save on training/introduction time
  • Possibility of past hires to showcase their profiles on ideal helper? With personal photo, work samples etc. But contact data only through me, not public.
  • Make overview of skillset of current hires and past hires so that we know which person can do / is interested into doing which job. Check who is flexible who is not etc. #todo
  • I have created and assigned a Trello card (Link TBR) to myself about this task.

Get my ideas out if my head in front of people to realize them and make them real

  • This video is about some personal thoughts from Francis and how want to turn these ideas into reality with the help of a team of virtual assistants. He needs people who compliment, people who are critical and analytical people.

VA’s that sub-contract to other VAs

  • This video was recorded as an Idea to interview outsourcing business owner VA people (VA’s that sub-contract to other VAs) about their experiences and ask questions to fill our own gaps in the policies

With that I have watched all the videos that were marked for me.

Other Administrative Support:

  • Removed Adsense from Truth or Dare questions (Link TBR) page because I got a possible policy violation email from Adsense
  • Transcribed an audio (from the high priority folder). Please have a review of Notes for Business System Different Departments.docx in the high priority folder.
  • I have started listening to other audios from the high priority folder.

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