Work Update – Posting Ads to Craigslist

Work Period: June 03, 2013
Hours Worked: 10:30 @$2.22/hour
Earned Amount: $21.00*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.31 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Very Easy

  • Re-posted all previous ads for employers to craigslist
  • Also Posted both newly transcribed craigslist ads for virtual assistants
  • Also marked which ads we have used and which didn’t.
  • About outsourcing the craigslist task to fiverr, as I have already suggested you that we can also find some odesk contractors who can post ads to US and usually charge $2-3/hour. Please see the archived work update for 03/08/2013 for more details.

Party Games Website Update:

  • Transcribed and saved the content to Mailout Manager regarding the story: Truth, Dare or Death by Embarrassment
  • Approved some Dares for Guys assignments via Mechanical Turk, checked them via copyscape and saved them to Dares for Guys word document.
  • Regularly rotated more pages via Rss.
  • Here are the newly published Truth or Dare Stories, please have a review:
    • The Creative Ketchup Tampon Prank Dare
    • The Showstopper When I Saw the Topic
  • Marked the entire list of dares whether they are safe to perform or not, Please have a review of list-of-dare-KW-list Excel-sheet.
  • Approved more results from Mechanical Turk’s Dare for Guys HIT, saved them to Dropbox. Since the Batch has been completed, therefore deleted it. 
  • Transcribed and submitted the comment to Incredible Belly Button Fire Dare

  • Transcribed and submitted the comment to Incredible Belly Button Fire Dare.
  • Also included a picture to the same story within the MailOut Manager.

Administrative Support:

  • Regarding the blog post Creating Content While Being Mobile… where the image was not included to the blog page, the issue is now fixed and image is visible now. Although I submitted the image via C2 invitation form, but I think, because the image was only 240px wide, therefore it was not included. Now when I have changed it to 400px, its working fine. Also added the said caption under the photo.
  • Posted another transcribed bloglet, Please have a review.
  • Moved the Virtual assistant diary eBook cover under the homepage poll on the RHC. Please have a review.  

Diary@blogger Support:

  • Based on your feedback videos, I have tried to implement changes to the diary overview box. Please have a review.
  • According to your feedback I have tried to change the footer and date color and background so that every page looks separate, but it’s not possible to add a horizontal rule between the two blog posts. However you can change the background color of the footer. 

  • Changed the link color for diary blog. Please have a review.

Flickr Feedback:

Since I already have notified you that flickr has changed its look and feel, and with their new system, it is very difficult to find relevant pictures over there. 

Also it is very slow and time consuming. Although I have some pending fresh stories, but I am not submitting them to DUYP at the moment. Perhaps hoping for a miracle that flickr will improve their performance and reconsider their latest changes. 

However, at the moment I do a quick research with Google for creative commons images and if I find any suitable image, I submit it along the story. 

Stefan’s Photo Research Project:

  • I have highlighted all photo links that can be downloaded for free via free credits or promotions.

  • Time I spent on this image research is 1:50 hours (One hour and fifty minutes)

Free Stock Photos Explanation:

  • As for free stock credits, Here is a website that I mainly use for getting free credits. It always have many free promotions and tricks for getting free image credits. Apart from this website, there are also some similar websites that provide free credit information (for example check out this website)

Free List Builders’ Time Calculation:

  • I have calculated estimated time for each list mailer and according to my calculations 3.61 hours are at least required to generate free credits. Besides that I think half hour is required to send the mail through different list mailers and in addition to that at least half hour would be required for cleaning up the mailboxes. Also some of the free credit email links do expire in 48 hours (for example, I never have been able to earn all 7200 credits to viralnugget. Another thing that I would like to bring in your notice again that viralmailprofits is not very effective in terms of earning free credits.)

  • I think it would be nice if we hire someone specifically for this task, because I think that this is a regular task and we need someone who can do this task regularly.

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