Work Update – SBI to WordPress Documentation

Work Period: Sep 11th to 15th, 2017
Hours Worked: 18:00 @$5.00/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $36.00*
(*Exclusive of $4 Upwork service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

SBI to WordPress Conversion and Communication

  • Reviewed emails and changes asked from a recent client
  • Fixed all requested changes
  • Answered her questions and concerns and prepare an email draft for you to send her.

SBI to WordPress Documentation

  • Closely reviewed all the documents that Divina has uploaded to Helpscout
  • The documentation itself is not very detailed, but she has provided some helpful external sources with each article.
  • However, the amount of documentation is very limited. I think that should be increased.

Videos Uploaded Not Watched

Based on IH Diary Entries

  • This is a low priority task to create documentations for different tasks that we have performed in the past. We have a lot of work updates for the several years with huge amount of experience and tasks documented. To keep track of past diary entries and current diary entries in WP, make backup with HTTrack of the blogger diary and use it to do this low priority task (or outsource it) when time allows.

Make Plan and Goals for this Quarter

  • This video is related to a Trello card with some extensive information about the Goals for the first quarter of 2017.

Consider hiring new people for uploading and validation work

  • Consider hiring new people for uploading and validation tasks. They can upload the video, make the descriptions, and add a few “naive questions” under the post (Trello card). Francis can then make one clarification video for the questions if not already exist.

WORKSHOP – (2h recording) Francis working on different systems

  • This is a workshop video that is around 2 hours long and Francis addressing to his team and working on different business systems.
  • The workshop mainly contains:
    • Introduction of me working live
    • Mostly validation example on one task
    • Asking VAs to document using JING
    • Discussing a simple test task
    • Brainstorming a system
    • Mentioning internal training site and “re-validation”
    • Mentioning quarterly goals
    • Moving tasks from one person to another
    • Finding a “lost video”
    • Talking about biggest prios -> DUYP Squeeze page. (distracted)
    • Mentioning to fix mobile DUYP view
    • Talking about subscription / squeeze page for DUYP
    • Talking a lot about setting up the squeeze page (only interesting for SUBSCRIPTION and SALES)

Stock Photos – Generating purchase credits for stock photos for free

  • This video explains how to get free stock photos from different online stock photo sites. We already have complete documentation of the whole procedure and we also have a couple of blog posts related to this topic.
  • However, it’s possible that the information provided on these articles is not up to date anymore.

Hiring Manager – Onlinejobs PH

  • This video is related to the hiring manager where Francis tells how some of the emails from are landing to his spam folder. He also reviews some of the applicants from

Validation team member ideal helper account

  • In this video Francis shows how he created a business account with validation alias.

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