Work Update – Virtual Administrative Support

Work Period: May 30, 2016
Hours Worked: 5:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $15.75*
(*Exclusive of $1.75 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate
  • Created the following Trello cards for you:
    • Rework Meta description for all Ideal-helper posts
    • Set up the virtual-assistant-blog.html page
    • Re setup Ideal-Helper feedburner
    • Managing Short Bloglets
    • Review Ideal Helper get form data
  • In a work update feedback video, you asked me some clarification about the videos I have uploaded to OneDrive. Actually, when I suffered my hard drive crash and I retrieved all lost videos from Dropbox, I saved all those videos both to my local hard drive and also to OneDrive (as a cloud backup). Now that I have uploaded all videos to YouTube, there is no need to keep those videos as a backup. But still there are low priority folder and projects folder that we will need in the future.
  • Published the bloglet What’s New These Past Weeks and also created a spreadsheet to track all bloglets having less than 300 words. Please have a review of Short Bloglets.xlsx in the high priority folder.
  • Created a new favicon for the Ideal Helper site and uploaded to the system.
  • PPG site didn’t have any favicon, so I have added a favicon to that as well.
  • Watched some of the work updates videos and published all reviewed work updates.

Membership Area Update

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