Work Update – Getting Started with Help Scout

Work Period: May 02-05, 2017
Hours Worked: 14:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $44.10*
(*Exclusive of $4.90 Upwork service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Setting Up the Email Forwarding to Help Scout

  • In order to set up email forwarding to Help Scout, I have created a new email account with the Inmotion Hosting account.
  • Contacted the Inmotion hosting support team for the issue we had with email forwardings. Since we have linked all Ideal-helper emails with Google, so that was the reason why emails were not being forwarded to Inmotion Hosting.
  • Changed the settings for from your Google Webmaster console.
  • Also, set up the email forwarding to the Help Scout given email address.

Help Scout Beacon Set up

  • Reviewed the instructions on how to create a Beacon with Help Scout
  • Integrated the Help Scout WordPress app with
  • Set up the Beacon on
  • Researched the documentation on how to customize the Beacon
  • The documentation for customization the Beacon is very advanced and need JavaScript knowledge
  • I have installed and set up a Beacon on the test PPG site that I created for Divina
  • Created a Trello card for her to work on it.

Getting Started with Help Scout

  • Watched all the getting started videos
  • Then, Integrated the Help Scout app with WordPress
  • Created the Beacons and made the necessary settings to use that.
  • I have also created a page to test the support form and beacons. Please review it here.

WordPress Installation for Testing Purposes

  • Created a sub-domain under the PPG
  • Installed WordPress on the sub-domain
  • Also, Passed the login details to Divina for testing the theme template

Other Updates

  • I have read emails from other team members.
  • Read and replied to Divina’s recent emails including her work updates.
  • Also, reviewed her work diary
  • Updated the budgeting spreadsheet with the income and expenses for April 2017.
  • Listened to many audios from the high priority folder. Since most of them contained general feedback and discussions, so I removed them after listing to them.

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