Work Update – March 2018

Thursday, March 01, 2018

  • Reviewed the Trello board validation department sub-cards, watched the videos available in those cards

Friday, March 02, 2018

  • Reviewed more  validation department sub-cards and videos
  • Reviewed many other cards from my Trello board, many of the cards are not valid now (or they’re too old)

Monday, March 05 2018

  • Based on a Trello card: Broken links to fix I have checked and fixed broken links for IH and PPG. PPG had over a hundred broken links that I have fixed. The main issue was Divina didn’t follow the link structure while converting pages, so I have to create 301 redirects for all broken links.
  • Read the recent Trello notifications.
  • Read the priorities post from the BMA as you commented on the Trello card.

Tuesday, March 06 2018

  • Reviewed the card Prioritizing tasks – Guidelines for deciding what has higher priority / Prioritizing Ideas
  • Watched the video recorded on this topic, comments, and resources
  • Trello card: Expanding content (redwood strategy) – Read this card and some general information about BMA Redwood strategy course. Just watched the overview video and some other basic information.

Wednesday, March 07 2018

  • Watched the recent video recorded by you about the current trading situation.
  • Edited the video as required, uploaded to YouTube, copied different starting points and added to the card.
  • I didn’t use the audio you recorded for this separately, just cleaned up the existing audio. I guess you need to check your PC and microphone settings and use a headset instead of the built-in PC mic. In my personal experience, when I record any video (or have a Skype call) with my internal microphone, it does have a similar noise in the background. Perhaps that’s the fan noise of my laptop PC.
  • Fixed DUYP broken links. There were around 50 broken links, most of them were the Flickr images that don’t exist anymore and some videos.

Thursday/Friday, March 08/09 2018

  • Skype call with Milena – Discussed the questions related to the Boss method documentation.
  • Reviewed the card CONTENT department – publish content on the STEEMIT platform – Read the Steemit related details and their FAQs. Let me know when I should start working on this.
  • Reviewed other cards as well.

Monday, March 12, 2018

  • Watched all the three work update feedback videos. Exported the list of task to do.
  • Watched the video that you have recently recorded and shared about feedback group
  • Reviewed Trello comments and notifications.
  • Summary of the Skype call with Milena

Had a Skype call with Milena and discussed the following topics based on her part of the Boss Method documentation.

1. Trend lines (blue, white etc)
2. Fundamental analysis vs Technical Analysis
3. Different terms used under the Technical Analysis
4. What is a 343 hours candle and how to set this in a Tradingview account?
5. How to analyze collective agreements? Is there a video for that?
6. Fibonacci retracement charts – How does that work.
7. What is a strong signal
In general, both I and Milena agree that this documentation is a bit advanced for a beginner. So we need to create a simple step-by-step documentation for beginners or for the internal project, but don’t have any financial knowledge.
The question about Fibonacci wasn’t fully answered because Milena herself is not 100% confident in her skills about that. So Fibonacci is still an open question for me. Although I have watched some videos about that and also got some information from Milena and Sami about that, but I am not sure how to make an analysis based on Fibonacci retracements.
  • Research more on the Broken links issue to find out if it’s possible to schedule a broken link check and get email notifications. I have updated this Trello card with my findings.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

  • Fixed the Google Analytics tracking issue.
  • Created a documentation for SBI to WP conversion: how to deal with MOM forms as asked in this Trello card -Research and create documentation for SBI to WP conversion: how to deal with MOM forms
  • Trello Card – Set up the virtual-assistant-blog.html page – I have fixed this issue and created a feed for the Ideal-Helper blog Provider more details within the Trello card.
  • Like Ideal-helper OptimizePress also had issues with PPG. We cannot edit any live-editor pages. The issue is related to OptimizePress subscription. Since with the core plan, they only offer support and automatic updates for one year, so now we’re not eligible for automatic plugin updates. Therefore the old version of the plugin isn’t compatible and hence live-editor doesn’t work. The solution to this issue is to manually download the latest version of the plugin and then Upload it to the site via FTP client. I have created detailed instructions on this topic and created a Trello card for this: Manually Update a WordPress Plugin Using an FTP Client

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

  • Trello Card: Set up automatic unsubscribe from sales sequence after purchase and signup to buyers list –  Although this card is not valid at the moment, but I have provided the solution within the Trello card.
  • Reviewed many other cards – Watched the videos related to those cards, but most of the cards aren’t relevant now. I have put some of them to your pending for review folder and moved some of them to For Later list.
  • Trell Card – Create a small report for IH – Creating a report for all the plugins on this page

Thursday, March 15, 2018

  • Read the recent Trello comments and notifications.
  • Finished working on the small report for IH plugins.
  • Like Ideal-Helper and PPG, DUYP WP site was also affected with the OptimizePress Live-editor issue. It was more complex becaue in DUYP, we don’t use the OP plugin. Instead, we use the OP theme which has been discontinued. OPtimizePress has launched a new Smart theme, so I replaced the old theme with the new one and then fixed the plugin files.

Friday, March 16, 2018

  • Read and replied to the Trello comments that are relevant to me.
  • Trello: Footer image broken – Fixed the image
  • Worked on the DUYP HTTPs conversion.
  • Couldn’t work enough due to a power breakdown on Friday

Monday 19 March 2018

  • Turn DUYP to HTTPS – I have taken all necessary step within this article, but still, the site is not fully converted to HTTPs. Actually, it’s converted to HTTPs but doesn’t show the security badge. I have provided more details about these steps within the Trello card.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

  • Read and replied to Trello comments and notifications.
  • Trello -Move IH diary to WP – Initially, it went wrong so I have done this using another method. Please see the Trello comments where I have provided all the details.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

  • Made the final changes to the Diary migration
  • Set up necessary redirections for the old diary posts. Please see the Trello card for more details.
  • Trello – Keyword research – I have brainstormed some keywords for this topic, couldn’t find a perfect keyword for that. Here are some good keywords though.
  • Trello – Research how to customize the order of WP posts – Research and found a solution. Please see the Trello card for details.

Thursday 22 March 2018

  • Trello: Add Search Widget – Since we have over 100 membership pages, so instead of putting a search widget on each page, I have researched and implemented a search widget as a menu item. Please see the Trello card, I have provided more details on how I did that.
  • Trello: Create a Trello containing links to all pages having a C2 invitation – I have browsed all pages and extracted all the pages that have a C2 invitation. Please review the Trello card for more details.
  • It has been 5 days since I moved to HTTPs, but still, it’s not fully converted to HTTPs (No Padlock icon). I also used some third-party services to scan the site and fixed all highlighted issues. Some pages show the padlock icon. But the homepage and most other pages don’t have the icon. I think you should contact SBI support.

Thursday 23 March 2018

  • Didn’t work on 23rd March because it’s a local holiday here.

Monday, March 26, 2018

  • Watched the long feedback video you recorded on different Trello tasks
  • Uploaded all videos to YouTube and put a link back to the relevant Trello card

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

  • Trello: Please join the special project
    • Watched the video, extracted the video summary and put under the video
    • Left my feedback about the video within the Trello card.
    • Created a new Trello card for me: Create a new documentation for Beginners
  • Trello: Turn DUYP to HTTPS – I have figured out the issue. Please see the Trello card for more details. I need Aweber login details to fully resolve this issue.
  • Fixed the DUYP HTTPs: Replaced all images on all sign-up forms. There was a small issue where padlock was still not available for those pages where we have an Aweber split test running, so I have replaced the split-test code with the winner.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

  • Watched the recent feedback video. Edited out the relevant parts, uploaded to YouTube and then added to the Trello cards.
  • Fixed the Ideal-helper issue where there were some error strings above the header. The issue was with the EU Cookie plugin.
  • Read your comments and replied back where necessary
  • Trello: Add Search Widget – Updated the Trello card with the CSS code I used to improve the search widget

Thursday, March 29, 2018

  • Trello: Move IH diary to WP – I have made the required changes based on your recent feedback video, but there were a lot of pending tasks before we validate this card. I have provided the details of these tasks within the Trello card.
  • Started working on the Boss Method documentation for Beginners

Friday/Saturday, March 30/31, 2018

  • Trello – Move IH diary to WP – I have removed clients names and site URLs from all pages as you have asked.
  • Worked on the Boss Method documentation for Beginners (Still Not finished)
  • Listened to your recent audio and provided my feedback about ending Sami and Milena’s contracts.

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