Work Update – Facebook Paid Marketing

Work Period: Nov 28 to 30, 2016
Hours Worked: 15:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $47.25*
(*Exclusive of $5.25 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

SBI to WordPress Conversion Service

  • Watched the video about the recent WordPress conversion request and Prepared a reply draft to be sent to the client.
  • Researched how many domains can be parked with one hosting plan.
  • Researched how to add parked domains within the hosting cPanel.
  • Also, Updated the WordPress to Conversion FAQs Trello card with this question.

Image Conversion Project Update

Page speed before and after test results

  • As you asked, I have re-performed Google page speed insight and Pingdom tests for all pages.
  • There is a slight improvement in terms of page speed since I have performed it last time.
  • As per Pingdom tools, there is a clear improvement in terms of page speed, performance grade and page load time.
  • Also sent you a detailed reply about what steps we should take to solve other CSS and JavaScript related issues.

Ongoing WordPress Conversion Update

  • Prepared and sent you a follow up email draft for the ongoing WordPress Conversion Update.

Facebook Paid Marketing Project Update

  • I have watched the following eight videos that you have recorded under the Facebook paid marketing system.
    1. Setting up the first advertising campaign
    2. Facebook Ad Processing
    3. Live Ad Review and Click Analysis
    4. Facebook Advertising Banner Detailed Click Analysis
    5. Making another version of an existing FB Ad based on the lesson learned to Improve the cost of click
    6. Setting up an ad banner using Power Editor – Unsuccessful Attempt
    7. Creating a Facebook Ad with Power Editor
    8. Final Attempt to Create a Facebook Ad with Power Editor
  • Created a Trello card (Link TBR) for this system as well.
  • Uploaded all videos to YouTube, extracted the summary from each video and put into the Trello card as bulleted list.
  • Also, uploaded the Notes workbook that you saved into the high priority folder.

Other Administrative Support

  • Watched some more videos from the high priority folder. Some of them were not asked to be saved and had some general information.
  • A few videos I have watched but skipped for now because I couldn’t determine a logical order for those, I will re-watch those videos and work after re-ordering them in a logical order.
  • In another high priority video, you asked to create an offline backup of the party games site, which I have attempted. As the party games site has grown big, it took over 5 hours and still not completely finished. Will try this again at another time and I will upload this backup to Google Drive using the virtual assistant account. I will let you know once it’s fully uploaded there. I have also uploaded the video to YouTube.
  • Marked all work updated reviewed so far in WordPress and created a PDF and Microsoft copies for all pending work updates.
  • In a work update feedback video, you provided some clarification for the Trello validation checklist items, which is greatly helpful. I will request you to create a video explaining all the items within the validation checklist. This will help us creating a business system or we may provide this to a new virtual assistant to understand the whole validation process. I have also created a Trello card (Link TBR) for you.
  • Also published the reviewed work update after making the necessary changes.

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