Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Infographic creation

Work Period: Jun 26, 2014
Hours Worked: 8:30 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $21.00*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Ideal-Helper Proofread

  • I really like to start my shift with proofreading so to avoid burning my energy the whole 8 hour shift.
  • Proofreading task gives me a lot of information about employer and virtual relationship and other stuff such as MTurk and HITs maker (sounds like rock star)
Ideal-Helper Comments
  • Writing comments is like giving a bit of counseling and advice to someone you cared about. And this site is not just something else, it’s a site where VAs seek help and employers who wanted to get to know their employees.
Eric and Francis transcribed interview
  • As always, this task is not easy for me because I have to follow keywords for optimization purposes.
  • There are keywords that are easy to create titles and description with, and there are keywords that will grind your brain thoroughly πŸ˜‰
Infographic for Button Escalation
  • I think I am getting hooked with this task–it’s like learning while training.
  • I am grateful I’ve finished this task, but it still needs some adjustments and editing. Will wait for feedback so I can update the infographic into one great creation πŸ™‚
  • Button Escalation.

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