Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Proofreading and Website Editing

Work Period: Jun 30, 2014
Hours Worked: 7:05 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $17.67*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Customary Inbox Check

  • Checked and cleaned my inbox. I, too. is sometimes confused with my too many folders and document files with my Dropbox. Good thing I managed to take a little time to put them where they truly belong. Often times I am hesitant to move or remove some files because it might be important to the other end.

Regular Daily Task
Ideal-Helper Proofread
  • Proofread random pages to optimize Ideal-Helper’s readability.
  • This task helps my brain getting warm prior to taking in serious tasks
Ideal-Helper Comments
  • Posted random comments to their designated links.
  • I am just hopeful that they will be able to read my comments–at least they can get some ideas that there are other freelancing sites that pays decent amount of money for their hard work.
  • But, I would just love to think that they are doing it just to pass the time.
Ideal-Helper writing comments
  • I’ve wrote random comments for Ideal-Helper but mostly it talked about MTurk.. I am so overwhelmed on how these people are devoted even if it does not pay well. But each countries have different amount and values of money and that’s maybe one of the reasons they take time doing this kind of task. And apart from that, they can find another online or offline job–another additional income.

Eric and Francis transcribed interview
  • Although keywords are sometimes hard to fit in a title or description, I am still grateful because it leads me on the right track 😉

Click Ads

  • Collecting credits for the next batch of emails since I’ve made a terrible mistake by not following instructions :0
  • Hopefully, I will be able to get on track so I can write some stuff for SOTAM firsthand.
To be reviewed
  • Proofreading_Done:
  • Created a spreadsheet on Google drive for the monthly salary:
Additional Note/s
  • Regarding the “safelist-SOTAM” video, it was a video feedback about the SOTAM infographic, so it’s already cleared up.
  • Regarding the “Button Escalation” infographic, I didn’t delete it because of the critic =) I actually deleted it because it’s not yet done and I want to avoid duplicating files.

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