Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Research Task for Filipino VA Forums

Work Period: Aug 26, 2014
Hours Worked: 9:12 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $22.90*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Research Task

  • Today, is my second day of this research task that involves in FAQ by VAs in the Philippines and Filipino VA forums. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a single website yet that address this subject matter. Usually, sites that has FAQ are one sided that only caters the employers needs. But, on the other hand, the site is promoting its VAs to their prospect employers. And some sites talks is more like an article or blogpost.
  • This is a community of Filipinos but does not showcase virtual assistants in particular.

Content Presell eBook–the review

  • Since blogpost is different from an article. It does not mean that you can just write anything on it. Every person has its different style or way of writing, but if you are going to apply eBook’s points on how to make your content more exciting and interactive–there’s no doubt people would enjoy your posts.

Ideal-Helper Comment

  • Posted comment on live page–taking some random links as per Francis’s advice. And I do approve of it since taking it in a random comment will not likely make it like a copy-paste comment from the other link =)

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