Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Writing Titles and description

Work Period: Jul 08, 2014
Hours Worked: 7:25 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $18.33*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Titles and description

  • Yes! Finally, I am done with the transcripts (but I can’t jump for joy–not just yet;). Will wait for feedback and update for revisions and of sort..

Ideal-Helper Proofread

  • A dose of daily task to warm up my frozen brain 😀 proofreading is my best option for brain freeze..

Ideal-Helper Comments

  • While i was posting on my 4th comment, SBI sent me a  prompt message and not allowing to go further (first time actually) and will continue the rest tomorrow..

List Building eBook

  • I’m training how to be a marketer online? This is a great task in which I’ll be able to learn how online business works and learn how technical term works hand in hand to be successful online.

MYCP-Make Your Content Pre-Sell

  • Just getting some ideas for titles and description and learning some tips for my future content


  • I am giddy and excited checking SOTAM emails on and this is the first thing I did this morning–getting a good look on the clicks 😀
  • Only there’s a slight problem–the URL this time. But, will just keep on learning and trying to finally make it to perfection.

Additional Note/s

Dropbox Expansion

  • I forgot to mention about my Dropbox expansion. I received a series of email messages last Saturday that it expanded to 66.75 gig from 2 gig.
  • I didn’t know that this is truly an amazing expansion, but thankful for this 😀

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