Nicole’s Work Update – 21st-22nd February, 2017

Please refer below on the tasks that I have accomplished for today.

  1. I checked my emails.
  2. I explored on Trello again. Yes, I was overwhelmed with the Validation Assistant Board and at the same time a bit confused.
  3. I listened to two recordings (Sprachmemo 008.m4a, Recording #15.mp4) and I did some notes for validation. But I will wrap it up tomorrow and send it to you.
  4. I finished my on-boarding validation and saved it to “shared folder” on Dropbox under the new folder I have created “NICOLE ANN”.

I still have to think about the questions that I want to ask. Please advise on the validation I made.

Thank you for your feedback, I have listened to it and made some notes.

I have edited the word file I had yesterday following the points I understood from it.

I uploaded it to the folder NICOLE ANN with a filename Onboarding v2.

The whole file is not finished yet at the dropbox part. I will add the list of videos to watch in a chronological manner soon.

I will listen to them again tomorrow to know the correct order from my perspective.

Also some improvements to add.

Any corrections or suggestions, just inform.

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