Nicole’s Work Update – 27th February, 2017

Here are the things I did today:

1. Continued the Onboarding document with the edits on your feedback video.

By the way sir, I made the document as if the one telling the instruction is you, since you will be the one to send it during the onboarding of a new employee.

I watched some new videos and re-watched the feedback videos to determine the order for the #3 section of the Onboarding document.

I have finished arranging the order of the current videos on the dropbox in logical order.

(Please see Onboarding V3 document in dropbox)

I put a brief description of each video as well.

However, I think I am behind on my own Validation on each video yet. For now, I am still scanning through them to determine the order just to finish the onboarding document. At the same time I have listened to them and get the idea behind.

I think I will do validation when I go through them thoroughly.

I would like to ask if you agree with the order in the document.

2. Checked out

I found some broken images, so I commented it on the continuous improvement trello card.

3. Trello Task – An exercise getting relaxed on the job

I think this is good and I agree with your purpose in this and also the points you made in the video especially about RESPECT.

I have shared a funny video for me, hope you have fun watching it too in your spare time.

I will continue tomorrow.

For any concerns, please let me know.

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