Work Update – Aweber Email Marketing Support

Work Period: July 23 & 24, 2013
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.67*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.27 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy

(A screenshot from today’s work diary)
  • Cleaned up and trimmed down the party games subscribers TAB separated spreadsheet, please have a review. 
  • After trimming the list to 356 subscribers, I have imported all subscribers to aweber and sent them a confirmation email. 
  • Also customized the confirmation messages as you asked and then restored it to the previous version.
  • Although you have created the new Mailout draft, but unfortunately your changes were not saved, therefore I have recreated the same mailout draft (Thanks to the video you recorded) and sent it.  
  • I have updated the Sitemap spreadsheet for Ideal-helper with all tier pages (except site pages and pages in draft folder) and all C2 pages as well. Also updated ideal-helper MKL and marked all built keywords as ‘Done’ in their respective notepad.

Administrative Support:

  • Published other four interview pages via Rss feed with one header image.
  • About the coaching video, I have rewrote my suggestions to improve the video, please see Dropbox.
  • Also Updated Listbuilding_Tracking Excelsheet.
  • Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve the email in which I reported you about the productivity comparison between Abi and Maria, However I have re-calculated their work productivity. Please see Dropbox for the speadsheet.
  • Also Managed Aizha and sent more email messages via different list mailing services where available.

Party Games Website Update:

  • Applied for a new batch of drinking stories via Mechanical Turk.
  • Rotated more Pages via Rss.
  • Created a HIT on Mechanical Turk for YouTube video descriptions, but didn’t publish it. Please have a review.
  • Approved some drinking stories from newly published Mechanical Turk HIT. Researched one image for each story and submitted to the website. 
  • Here is the recently published drinking story:
    • The Telltale Boner

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