Work Update – Dropbox Cleanup and Other Administrative Support

Work Period: Aug 06 & 07, 2015
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $32.55*
                          (*Exclusive of $3.62 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Content 2.0 Administrative Support:

  • Received a short C2 story, which I posted as a comment under My First Kiss

Other Administrative Support:

  • Updated PPG financial spreadsheet with the Adsense income for the month of July 2015.
  • Note that I am unable to view Adsense data on the Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Watched the high priority video about reviewing your Hubstaff diary. Reviewed your work diary and didn’t found anything less productive 
  • In one of the work update videos you have asked me to reply a possible BB2 conversion client, but unfortunately I am not able to access any BB2 conversion related email from Get Form Data.
  • Watched the video about Adsense Custom Channels report and set up backup ads for all ad units we used on party games site. 
  • Also made other changes that you’ve asked in the video

Dropbox Cleanup Task:

  • Well, this was not as simple and easy as it looks, but I actually cleaned up more than 5Gbs of data from Dropbox. Some of the files and videos were totally obsolete, so I removed them straight away. However, in most of the cases I have moved the data (Which is over 4GB) to OneDrive. I will share the link of that folder to you once it’s completely synchronized and will request you to save this folder somewhere in your local drive. 

Google Adsense – EU user consent policy – cookies Update:

  • Read both forum posts that you’ve asked in one of the high priority videos and implemented the solution on all three sites. Please have a review and let me know if you need any changes. 


Evernotes Tags Issue:

  • Watched all videos that you have recorded to explain Evernote tags and it’s extremely disappointing that tags are not working in Evernote as you anticipated. 
  • I have also researched their FAQs about tags, but didn’t find any helpful material.
  • Also experimented a lot to get a suitable way to tag existing notes as we want, but it didn’t work out well.
  • At the moment I can only provide you one solution, which is to move all notes (from Simpleology to Shared Notes), then delete all tags created by me and I will then re-tag all posts again.

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