Work Update – List Mailing Tracking and Cost Calculation

Work Period: Sep 03 & 04, 2013
Hours Worked: 10:00 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.00*
(*Exclusive of $2.27 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium


(A screenshot from today’s work diary)


  • About list mailing project cost calculation, as I told in the previous work update that in the previous month (August, 2013) both Aneel and Aizha were working on the same accounts and Aneel was earning credits for other accounts as well and then switched to Aizha’s account, therefore accurate cost calculation is not available for August, however here are some rough cost calculations that will give you some sort of idea:

 Total Hours Aizha Logged: 23:30 (from 1st-22nd Aug)
Total Hours Aneel Logged: 11:40 (from 23rd-31st Aug)
Total Hours logged: 35:10
Total amount Billed: $39.04 (35.10 x $1.11/hr)
Total Traffic Generated: 1935
                     Cost per Click: $0.20 (1935/$39.04)

  • Moved Aneel’s productivity analysis screenshots to future blog posts.
  • Sent more email messages via list mailers’ accounts where available.

Blogger Diary Update:

Party Games Website Update:

  • About ‘how to get girls’ eBook paypal button which is not working, I have checked other paypal button (Truth or Dare Stories eBook) and that is working fine. I have also compared both codes and there is not much difference between both of them. I think you will need to generate the code again via PayPal.
  • Distributed more pages via Rss.
  • Here are recently published drinking stories:
    • A Night Out in the City
    • I Regret the Time I was Playing Truth or Dare
  • About BB1 page cloning where you asked me to copy the content from one specific BB1 page to a new BB1 page, unfortunately this is even not possible because we can’t build new BB1 pages with SBI! anymore.However, one possibility that I can think of is to manually clone the BB1 page to BB2 (just like conversion of the page) and then change the filename of BB1 page (for example drinking-stories.html will become drinking-stories-1.html or drinking-stories-test.html) and then ‘nofollow’ ‘noindex’ the page. This way we will have the access to existing BB1 pages, but for that we’ll need to test it for at least one page.

Ideal-Helper Administrative Support:

  • About the Ideal-helper facebook and ideal-helper website header bar, first I would like to give it a try before we outsource it to someone via Fiverr.
  • About Aneel’s absence, he has pre-informed me that he would be out of town for 3 days and hopefully he will resume his work from today i.e Wednesday Sep 04, 2013.
  • Read the SBI! forum post about horizontal nav-bar and after that implemented that into the test page. Please have a review.
  • I think we will have to change the layout of the website to a 2-column template. Also we have to completely redo the header, I was about to make some changes but as you said that you will give more picture that can be used in the header therefore did not change it at the moment.
  • If we use a two-column template for ideal-helper, this will change the entire formatting of the website (especially images) so we will have to recheck all pages from start.
  • About FB comment for odesk Team room application, I have saved my answer to Dropbox/High priority folder
  • Uploaded following interview pages to ideal-helper. All pages are ‘nofollow’ ‘noindex’ and saved as drafts.
    • What to look for in a virtual assistant
    • Fixed Price vs Hourly Rate

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