Work Update – SBI to WordPress Transfer

Work Period: Sep 15 & 16, 2015
Hours Worked: 12:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $37.80*
                          (*Exclusive of $4.20 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

PPG Site Update:

  • Made the following changes to the PPG site.
    • Changed Nameservers and pointed them to the new host
    • Since all pages were built as nofollow and noindex, so I have now indexed all pages
    • Rechecked for broken images, found a couple of pages where we have some broken images and fixed them.
    • Performed broken link check, the good news is that the site has only a few broken links, but they were general broken link. That means that all inter-linking stuff went well for PPG.
    • Added the Google Analytics tracking ID to PPG site. I chose a little different method to track and used a plugin instead of putting the tracking code to the head of the site. I am not sure how will this work, but we will definitely get to know about this in the coming days.
    • As I sent you all details in an email, both PPG email IDs are also switched to the new hosting. I have also set up email forwarding for both email addresses.

PPG Whois Information Update:

  • Thanks for updating the PPG domain admin and other contact details, I can now see the changes have been updated on the Whois database, but I will make the domain transfer move after a couple of days (Just to ensure that these details are updated everywhere and we don’t face any issue while transferring the domain to the new host)
  • I have also researched the Inmotionhosting articles regarding the Whois details and we can also change the contact information from their interface.

SBI to WP Conversion Update:

  • Made all changes asked by the client and also moved more pages from SBI to WordPress, please have a review of Google tracking spreadsheet for more details.

    UpWork Inactive Contract Issue:

    • Thanks for showing the concern about my inactive contract. What I will do is to use this contract and log 10-20 minutes occasionally and I will ask you to end this contract after a month.

    Adsense Split Tests Update:

    • Google experiments for the following pages have been finished, so I have implemented the changes on the actual pages.
    • Tracking spreadsheet is also updated accordingly.
    • Please note that I didn’t renew any of the finished split tests.

    Other Administrative Support: 

    • Based on a high priority video, I have researched some more hosting services that allow adult content on their servers. Please review the Evernote title: Adult DUYP Hosting 
    • There are a couple of spam comment on the party games site, so I have removed and banned all such comments.

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