Work Update – Website Projects

Work Period: Jan 29 & 30, 2013
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.67*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.27 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy

Website Projects Update:

(A screenshot from today’s work diary)
  • Website Project: Where you asked to order all Content 2.0 Invitations by Rating, then by Date (newest first): Done and Removed the task from website projects as you instructed because it doesn’t need any further validation.
  • Website Project: Where you asked to Recheck all invitations for showing comments on all pages: Done – Rechecked for both sites. Also removed it from website projects because it also doesn’t need any validation.

Transcription Support:

  • Added 7 more transcribed emails to aweber email funnel
  • Submitted another transcribed bloglet
  • Listened and transcribed ‘fivesecondtest’ audio, please have a review of “five second test.docx” in the work update response folder
  • Transcribed and submitted a comment under this post.
  • Transcribed a comment for an external blog post, but didn’t submitted that yet. Please proofread the comment (see work update responses folder)
Party Games Website Update:
  • There was a user submitted story ‘Backyard Streak’ which I published after minor changes. It was less than 300 words therefore used ‘noindex’ ‘nofollow’ tag. You can review it here. 
  • Distributed more pages via RSS.
  • Submitted following 5 stories to Party Games Website:
    1. Above and Beyond
    2. Horrible Night – Talk About the Worst Dare in the World
    3. Look Out Below!
    4. Flagpole Freezer
    5. Snow Doesn’t Go There
  • One story was too explicit and some of them have a comment from you that you’ve already used them on Getdare, so I didn’t submitted these stories.
Ideal-Helper Website Update:
  • Activated the already associated youtube account with the “virtual assistant” email and updated the profile.
  • Read the post about the latest ‘gallery’ feature for BB2 pages. Its great that now we can also share large photos.
  • I have started the craigslist project, created an account, read out all the provided material, but unfortunately I cannot post ads to other countries. If I do so, they ask me to verify my phone number of that country.
  • Listened to the audio, you sent me today and have already started working on the high priority folder videos.
  • High Priority Video: In which you asked me to collect and record the Aweber messages that have a low opening rate. Please review ‘Aweber Emails with Low Opening Rate’ Google document.
  • Based on another high priority video, please find ‘Good_keywords_for_C2’ in the High Priority/Transcription folder

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