Work Update – YouTube Channel and Members Area Update

Work Period: Jul 25 & 26, 2016
Hours Worked: 13:30 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $42.53*
(*Exclusive of $4.73 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate
  • There are many videos that I have deleted after watching them because they’re either not asked to be uploaded to the business system.
  • Some of the videos that I have watched and was not sure where to put them under the business system, I have created a Trello card for you.
  • Watched all YouTube videos that are pending and now I don’t have a backlog of any videos.
  • We also need to discuss some of the videos further, I have also created a Trello card for this.

Membership Area Update

Created the following pages within the membership area

Other Administrative Support

  • There were some more visitor submissions on the party games site. I took some time to publish only those submissions which had an email address. Below they are:
    • Locked out naked and humiliated
    • Naked at School 🙁
    • One of the stories was too explicit, so I deleted it after moving to the adult content folder.
    • Added both stories to the commenting Trello card
    • Received an email warning from Adsense that one of the pages on the party games site has been violating their terms of service. Removed all Adsense units from the affected page as soon as I get the notification. I have also read their policies regarding the ad placement and found that we cannot place an ad above the fold that pushes the content below. I think we should rework all ads at some point in time and should replace existing ad units with responsive units.
    • At the moment, I have researched and read some SBI forum posts about creating a customized responsive ad unit. I have created an ad unit based on their provided guidelines and implemented on one of the pages, but that is not showing at the moment. Perhaps, the ad will become live after some time. If it goes well, I will try to replace all Adsense reusable blocks with the same code.

Trello Tasks Update:

Since I don’t have any pending videos now, so I have now moved to my Trello tasks.

  • Moved the Trello card Set up first follow up campaign Emails from the front offer sales funnel for PPG to your board.
  • Created a new board in Trello (Reusable Cards) and created a list for Processes under the same board.
  • Made a copy of an existing card for Getting started (on-boarding) with a newly hired VA.  Also replaced the card on the actual membership page Getting Started with A New Virtual Assistant.
  • Copied another existing and moved to ‘Processes’ list – Interview Process. Then archived the actual card.
  • Landing page for IH (or split test) – Gathered links to different IH pages and compiled a new document for you to rework the ebook. I have attached the draft into the same Trello card as well as the original ebook draft. I have also created another variation of the landing page, but didn’t implement it yet because I am unable to integrate aWeber list with the form at the moment. Perhaps, this because your Aweber account is deactivated due the card misplace.

Yoast SEO Update

  • Maryum has finished copying all SEO information from all posts.
  • First, I have created a full backup of the site before she updates the SEO details on the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Then I prepared instructions for the steps of the task and sent her.

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