Work Update – Blog Marketing

Work Period: Aug 11 & 12, 2016
Hours Worked: 10:10 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $32.03*
(*Exclusive of $3.56 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Perfect Audience Site Integration Update

  • As I have set up Perfectaudience on all three sites, but they have not approved party games site for some unknown reasons. Here is an article about their content guidelines.

Blog Profit Funnels – Trello Trask

  • This is a Trello task for reviewing the Blog Profit Funnels course from the blog marketing academy.
  • I have started this course and have completed two units so far, I will resume the course on Monday.

Set up PPG remarketing (Trello Task)

  • Watched the video that you recently recorded for this Trello task.  In general, I found this video a little hard to understand, mainly because it’s a mobizen video which is always difficult than usual desktop recording. Secondly, the content of this Trello card (especially some checklist items) is also something I couldn’t understand properly.
  • I am also confused where to publish this video in the membership area. Once you asked to publish it under the validation department, but you also mentioned within the video that this is also relevant to the subscription and traffic department. As we have discussed in our Skype call, we cannot use more than one department within the OptimizePress. In workflowly, you have marked this video to be placed under the ‘Pixel Remarketing / retargeting’ system. So there is a lot of conflict in the mentions of the video. I have watched the video at least three times, but I am still not clear how to proceed with some points of the video.
  • Watched the other video that was placed on the Trello card, exported the main points of the video and added into the Trello description.

Create Membership pages with Important WP Plugins that correspond to SBI functions

  • Watched the video, uploaded to YouTube and linked to the Trello Card. 
  • Extracted the main points from the video and added into the Trello card.
  • Created a list of functions / features that SBI! offers and added into the card.
  • Please have a review of the list and add if you think that I have overlooked any feature. Then I will try to find a similar feature / service for each of the checklist items.

Feedback on the next step for DUYP (WP) with regards to subscription and product selling

  • Watched the video andextracted main points and put into the Trello card.
  • There was another video already recorded by you, so I have watched and extracted points from that as well.
  • There is another Trello card for the similar tasks that should be combined into one card – Wedgies Squeeze page should be made with OptimizePress

Blog Marketing Academy >>> Discover You Why

  • Watched the video recorded for this Trello task.
  • Uploaded the video to the same card.
  • Provided my thoughts and feedback about my “WHY”

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