Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Administrative Task

Work Period: Jun 03, 2014
Hours Worked: 4:43 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $11.43*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Comment Posting for party games website

  • Posted comments for party games website
  • Getting social during the wee hours of your work is a good way of recharging your mind.

Comment Posting for Ideal-Helper
  • Posted comments for Ideal-Helper pages
  • Socializing during working hours is a good way of exercising your brain cells prior to getting into a much more serious task.
Proofreading Ideal-Helper Pages
  • Proofread and optimized pages from Ideal-Helper
  • Since I am a newly hired VA and on a trial period–proofreading all these contents gave me a quick background about the company head down to the general VA.
  • It’s nice to be in a good company who understands your flaws and gives advices and quick solutions with regards to the matter–based on the content I’ve just proofread.
Start A Online Business
  • Proofreading has become more easier especially if it’s a random file–it’s a sort of diversion from getting bored at the peak of hours
Internet downtime
  • Just about time to start with my “vacation research” where it’s supposed to eat 50% of my time. And I am also a bit excited with the task, probably because it’s my country and easy–but, suddenly, an inevitable and frustrating incident happened.
  • The internet went down (intermittent at the least) along with hours of heavy rains; and that’s the craziest thing that could ever happen to a VA where most of my work is on the internet.The back up plan also wasn’t a good idea as the roads in the vicinity of my place were flooded.
  • I want to know which regulation should I follow when posting comments for the two websites. Because, Main virtual assistant strongly implemented a “two comments posting a day” for each website. On the other hand, Francis asked me to post all the ones that got an “OK”. But, to be safe, I posted two comments for each websites.

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