Nicole’s Work Update – 13th March, 2017

Please refer below for the tasks I have worked on for today.

  1. Trello task – Payment System setup
  2. Validation task – Onboarding Document Series

Uploaded the Onboarding Document Series on G Drive:

Part 1 – I. Onboarding_The Company.docx
Part 2 – II. Onboarding_Dropbox.docx
Part 3 – III. Onboarding_Trello.docx

In Part 2, I planned to replace the dropbox videos with Youtube videos for actual timing like you illustrated in the feedback sir.

However, I browsed on the Ideal Helper Channel and found just 3 videos.

I know you have uploaded many videos already but just not “public”. So I need a link to view them.

Aside from the links you send me from time to time sir, is there a place where all the list of links are found? So I can look around to all of them and place them accordingly to part 2?

Trello task – Questions about Summarizing Video or Audio

Created a new Trello card and edited the video – already in the Dropbox folder.

Research – Payment Options

I tried others but they have verification hassles too.

Then I found

It has lower cost than Paypal and similar ways of Transaction.

Trello task – Payment System setup

Screenshot uploaded in the payment trello card

I have signed up for it and in the process of verification. I will feedback once it is approved and ready.

Please advise.

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