Nicole’s Work Update – 3rd, 6th & 7th April, 2017

1. Trello task – Reminder software

  • I have made a Trello card for the reminder software suggestions.

2. Trello task – Time Converter

I have made a Trello card for the time converter tool suggestions:

3.Trello task – Continuing Improvement

  • I have done editing the video.

4. Trello task – Thoughts on Workflowy

  • I have shared my thoughts on the workflowy sir. I have also read your thoughts about this but to comment on it by tomorrow.

5. Zoho desk and Zendesk Update

  • By the way sir, my trial on Zoho desk and Zendesk is ending soon. Please let me know how do you want to move forward with this.

6. Skype call – Divina

  • Talk to Divina tomorrow about Onboarding III – Trello. (will take some notes for validation)

7. Other Trello tasks worked on

  • Trello task – WordPress and Blogpost
  • Validation – Work Updates – Nicole
  • Validation – Sprachmemo 010
  • Clarifications/Questions – Creating a “getting started”… I think the card isn’t necessary for now. Because it has a lot of checklist which will create a little bit of confusion.
  • Trello task – Sprachmemo 010
  • Trello task – Week of April Leave for Holidays
  • Trello task – Skype chat and calls

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