Nicole’s Work Update – 30th March, 2017

Here’s my work update for today:

1. Skype call with Divina

  • Divina and I had a Skype call regarding the Onboarding II – Dropbox.
    She had recalled her progress about the Onboarding I (visited and read the websites)
  • We discussed about the Dropbox and what’s in it. I also gave her the instruction of just following the step-by-step process in the document I shared with her.
  • I told her that maybe after she’ll get acquainted with Dropbox and everything else that she has for now, we can start the Onboarding III – Trello next week.

2. Support video for editing audio/video using Camtasia

  • I actually wanted to make the instructional video to emphasize the original workflow of the process when editing the video/audio of our own files, but I had a little trouble with setting things up, that’s why I just researched for a short yet detailed video clip about Camtasia as for an alternative solution.

3. Trello task – Online Backup Storage for Youtube

  • I have added the “Online Backup Storage for Youtube” validation on Trello.

4. Sprachmemo 023.m4a

  • I have listened to this recording from Divina’s folder in Dropbox to keep account of her progress so far.

5. Trello task – Pending or To Do

  • Added a card to my Board about my “Pending or To Do” tasks on Trello

6. Skype call – Sir Francis

  • Just to remind you sir of our Skype call on Saturday @ 1pm (PST).
  • I’ll just leave an hour of work from today to make use on our Skype call on Saturday.

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