Nicole’s Work Update – 28th & 29th March, 2017

1. Communication with Team Members

  • I replied the email of Faisal regarding the Skype chat and I also emailed Divina regarding her onboarding.

2. Trello task – Q1 Goals 2017

  • I have updated the validation for “Q1 goals”.

3. Trello task – Continuous Improvement

  • The validated video has to be done yet.

4. Skype Call – Faisal

  • We discussed about:
    • Validation work – my experience with the validation work
    • Questions about work – if I’m doing it right or any suggestions that he has
    • Contact Divina – I asked if he had contacted Divina already
    • Discussion about “Goals for Q1” – he reviewed the document and made some comments about them.
    • I have commented them on the Trello card: Q1 Goals 2017

5. Camtasia Instructions

  • I will start making the instructional video about Camtasia tomorrow.

6. Skype call – Divina

  • I had a Skype call with Divina regarding OnBoarding document #1. I think she is ready with OnBoarding document #2. In line with this, I think we can invite her into the Dropbox already.

7. Youtube – Q1 Goals 2017

  • Re-watched the Q1 video for more understanding.

8. Trello task – Review Podcast with VA team

  • I have checked out BMA’s recording on 7 Tips For Turning A Service Offer Into A Product And Scaling.
    I have summarized it and put my opinion on a Google doc attached on this trello card.

9. Documntation

  • I have already setup the flow of my documentation with dropbox in several cases of editing. – using Camtasia.
    There are many same related videos from Youtube but for me it’s easier to make our own just to implement the uniformity of the process and sometimes there are cases on which the formats still need to be converted accordingly to run in Camtasia.
  • I will record my screen tomorrow live using an actual example.

10. Research – Backup Online Storage

Based on my talk with Faisal, we have come into a topic of online storage. According to him, you have had problems about GDrive and Dropbox that becomes full very fast.

So he asked me to make a research on what is the most feasible cloud storage out there that we can use.

Please check on Google drive: Other Online Storage Options

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