Nicole’s Work Update – 24th & 27th March, 2017

Here’s my work update for 24th & 27th March, 2017:

1. Feedback video – 2017-03-23_17-56-30.mp4

  • About the skype call sir, I am okay with your proposal. However, I just want to note that we are few hours ahead of you sir, so 1AM on Saturday (April 1) on our time means Friday 6PM (March 31) on your time.
  • But I am okay either way sir. Just tell me.

2. Draft notes – Twilio

  • I have added some notes.

3. Research – Twilio to Zoho Integration

  • I have researched about integrating Twilio to Zoho Desk as well. Still on the Google document above.

4. Research – HelpScout

  • I have read about HelpScout and compared it with Zoho. In my opinion, I like twilio since it has many options for Automation plus it has seamless integration to Zoho.
  • If we can get an account and a number that has the proper permissions then we can program the system to do the things automatically using Php codes.

5. Ownership Transfer

  • I have transferred the ownership of all the Google Docs to you sir.

6. Zoho Account Update

  • I am had problems with my Zoho account sir, already requested for a new password but still cannot login. I have already sorted it.

7. Draft notes – Twilio

  • I have continued my Twilio notes, in respond to your feedback sir.

8. Trello task – The first 1 week with Francis

  • I have validated the video regarding Documenting the first 1 week with Francis, edited the video as well:

9. Youtube – Q1 Goals 2017

  • I have listened to the Youtube recording for the Q1 Goals 2017. I have yet to comment or give my thoughts on them. I will also think of additional things to help improve the next month’s goals.

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