Nicole’s Work Update – 21st & 23rd March, 2017

Here’s the update for my workload on 21st & 23rd March, 2017:

1. Research – RingCentral  – Trello task – RingCentral

  • I researched for “an external voicemail solution”. I have found some but only explored more on one – RingCentral.
  • I found this good so far provided that it qualifies your need for Voicemail-to-Email process.

2. Validation task – Zoho desk

  • I have added details regarding its ticketing system such as acknowledging, providing solutions, and closing the ticket.

3. Miscelenous tasks

  • I have read the posts about the power interruptions and reacted by giving a comment on it.
  • About Payoneer sir, I have chosen to cancel the account I signed up on. I do not think it is practical, I will just find another payment channel.
  • I have listened to Sprachmemo021 sir.
  • About twilio, I signed up for an account:

Draft notes – Twilio

  • I know you told not to Validate yet unless we are sure it is useful so I just documented some of my notes about my experience with it.
  • I will continue to try Twilio, once I get a sample voicemail from you if you have time sir.

Clarifications/Questions – Splitting tasks

  • About your inquiry about splitting a task, I made a theory on how it will work.
  • As of now, I am not sure if it will work. We need to simulate it by using an fake caller in my number.
  • For the 1 hour Skype call with you, Yes I am very open to that sir. Maybe next week, Saturday. April 1, 2017 at around 1 AM Philippine time. Would it work for you?

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