Nicole’s Work Update – 17th & 20th March, 2017

Here’s my workload for 17th & 20th March, 2017:

1. Trello task – Q1 Goals 2017

  • I have updated this Trello card.
  • The validated video has yet to be uploaded.

2. Trello task – Time Doctor Issues

  • I have updated the Trello card and I had validated the recording.
  • I have also uploaded the validated video on Dropbox.

3. Please advise regarding this one.

  • Time Doctor Trial Ending soon (screenshot)


4. Trello task – Passing the trial period

  • I have validated this video.

5. I have already sent an email to Time Doctor regarding the problem.

  • This matter is already Okay. Please refer to the forwarded email conversation with a Time Doctor representative.

6. Research – Payoneer

  • They don’t have charged fees on payment transfers, But they put the money into the VA’s Payoneer Prepaid Card. Wherein the card has:

Annual payment fee : 29.95 USD
ATM withdrawal fee : of 3.15 USD
ATM decline fee : 1 USD
ATM Inquiry fee : 1 USD

  • Which I am a bit worried because my card application is already approved and being shipped out.
  • I have asked for information about it already.. I’ll just update.
  • Signing up is free and no charge. I’ll advise to just signup but do not apply for a prepaid card just yet.


7. Research – Zoho Desk

  • I have researched regarding the pricing for both Zoho Desk and Zendesk sir.
  • To have the options that we want, I found out that Zoho Desk is reasonably cheaper.

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