Work Update – Uploading Work Updates to Virtual Assistant Diary

Work Period: Apr 12 to April 17, 2017
Hours Worked: 12:40 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $39.90*
(*Exclusive of $4.43 Upwork service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

I have uploaded the following of Nicole’s work updates to virtual assistant diary. Combined some shorten work updates into one post so that it has enough word count.

Party Games Site Update

  • There were a lot of short C2 submissions we received on the party games site, so I have taken some time to clean those up. Removed all irrelevant submissions and moved the good ones to the Great dares for girls and guys (link TBR) page.
  • Still there are some more submissions lying unattended there, I will try to review those soon.

Managing Divina

  • Did a Skype chat with Divina and asked her to create an instruction manual on customizing the HTML template that she has worked on.
  • Also created and sent instructions on how to replace broken links from Aweber email series.

Zoho Customer Support Ticket # 102 Update

  • Converted ticket bullet points into tasks
    1. Change Username – Completed
    2. Change Password – Completed
    3. Give Nicole access with the new login info – Waiting for her response
    4. Move all efforts of customizing zoho from Nicole into the final account – Waiting for her response
    5. Move all activity into one account – Waiting for her response
    6. Link Twilio to this account – In progress

High Priority Audio Update – Sprachmemo 002

This is an old audio, but I have listened to it and made the following Trello tasks:

Hiring someone to build sales funnels

  • Created a low-priority Trello card (link TBR) for this task.

Create a Sales Team

  • Created another low-priority Trello card (link TBR) for this task.
  • Cropped the relevant part of the audio and uploaded to this card
  • Also updated the card with the audio points

SBI sub-ordinate function

  • Created a Trello card (link TBR) for  tasks.
  • Read the SBI help and strategy article on this topic
  • Converted the SBI article into a PDF and attached to the Trello card.
  • Created instructions on how to create a sub-ordinate login and attached to the Trello card.

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