Work Update – SBI to WordPress Conversion

Work Period: Sep 05, 2016
Hours Worked: 4:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $12.60*
(*Exclusive of $1.40 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate
  • Watched the video about the upcoming SBI to WordPress conversion.
  • I will ask Maryum if she can help us with the conversion. But before contacting her I think we need to wait until we set up WordPress on the client’s hosting. Also, we need to check how the theme will function, what options it has etc. We should also discuss the site-structure with the client. Whether she likes to build all content as posts or pages etc. So there are a lot of open questions that we should discuss, but I think we should discuss these questions once we get the contract and install WordPress and the theme she has chosen.
  • Regarding setting up an automated funnel within AWeber, I partially disagree with this strategy. I think every client will be different. Sending automated email might convey them a wrong perception. We should communicate them like they know they are talking to a human, not computer and getting personalized services from us. I think we should set up different email drafts for different stages and use those after some minor changes.
  • In addition, I totally agree with the strategy to make a FAQ section. I think we can set this up within the SBI to WP conversion area. I have created a sample page for that, please have a review and let me know about your feedback.
  • Also, researched and read some articles about how to set up a temporary URL in Bluehost. The procedure is slightly different from Inmotionhosting, so I will also create an instruction manual on how to set up a temporary URL with Bluehost.
  • Reviewed the theme demo that the client has decided to use. The theme is equipped with a lot of features and that’s why I suggested using posts instead of pages.

Other Administrative Support

  • Besides that, I have also tried to sign up for an affiliate account with Aweber, but got a message that they’re not accepting new affiliate requests at the moment. They have further asked to contact support for more details.

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