Work Update – Google PageSpeed Insights

Work Period: Nov 14-16, 2016
Hours Worked: 15:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $47.25*
(*Exclusive of $5.25 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate
  • Watched the video that you have recently recorded and provided feedback for some of my emails.
  • About Page speed optimization project, as I have mentioned that manually changing CSS and JavaScript codes is a risky task, so instead of doing it manually I have researched and experimented a couple of plugins to solve this issue. One plugin that has performed the best is W3 Total Cache, but it has created the problems with the site. When I implemented this plugin, the homepage slider and some other elements were disappeared. I have then tested a couple more plugins and found WP Fastest Cache the best among all those.
  • Since the page speed analytics of our both sites were also very poor, so instead of experimenting on her site I have made all experiments on your sitse. The results are impressive and have increased the site speed up to 80%. Below are the before and after comparisons for the page speed.

[GDC_column size=”third”]



[GDC_column size=”third”]
Page Speed Before

Desktop: 34/100
Mobile:   29/100

Desktop: 55/100
Mobile:   46/100
[GDC_column size=”third”]
Page Speed After

Desktop: 88/100
Mobile:   65/100

Desktop: 85/100
Mobile:   70/100

I have also saved the before and after page speed screenshots in the high priority folder.

Apart from that, I have also optimized all images from both sites using a WordPress plugin. However, most of the images could be compressed further because the free version of the plugin do not fully optimize the images.

SBI to WordPress Conversion Update

  • As I have changed the Nameservers from SBI to Bluehost and site has been switched to WordPress version, so I have taken the necessary steps to proceed the conversion.
  • Changed the site from temporary URL to actual URL
  • Set Up 301 redirects for all old pages to new URLs
  • Updated menu items, links etc.
  • Installed and configured some of the important plugins.

Other Administrative Support

  • I have fixed all the post titles that had all upper case and changed them to proper title case.
  • Updated the budgeting spreadsheet with the payment received for the image conversion task.

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