Work Update – Adsense Split Tests for Tier and C2 Pages

Work Period: Jan 05, 2015
Hours Worked: 5:50 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $11.67*
                          (*Exclusive of $1.28 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Adsense Split Testing:

  • Adsense Test for the List of Dares v2 has been finished and we have a clear winner based on the experiment.
  • Based on the finished results, I have implemented the winner page as primary page, created another variation of it and tested once again via Google Analytics.
  • Also there was some white space at the top of the page, therefore I have researched and implemented a print page function image.
  • Since it is little difficult to remember that what settings have already been tested, therefore I have created a spreadsheet that will help us to track all previous tests and winners. Please have a review of: High Priority folder/Adsense Split Testing/Tier Pages Testing.xlsx
  •  Adsense Split-testing for C2 Pages:
    • Disabled C2 ads setting on the “Dares over Phone? How to play phone Truth or Dare” and Manually placed 3 ad units on this page. Took the previous month data from Google Analytics and put together into a spreadsheet. Please have a review of High Priority folder/Adsense Split Testing/C2-Adsense Split testing.xlsx. I think this is the only way, we can split test C2 pages. 
Work Update Feedback:
  • watched the long work update feedback video and made the necessary changes including:
    • Added the wedgie image submitted by an anonymous visitor to the Wedgies Dare Autoresponder Thank you page.
    • Also included the post script note at the bottom of the thank you page.
    •  Adsense Training Key Features:

      As you have asked me about what I have learned from Adsense training, so here are the key points I learned from the Adsense Training program:

      1. Learned about what adsense units are more profitable and what not. For example a 336×280 is a very profitable ad unit.
      2. Large ad unit sizes have better performance because they also cover smaller ad units. For example, if we use a 336×280 unit, a 300×250 or 250×250 can also be displayed within the same frame.
      3. Some ad units are good performers for the desktop PCs, but not for mobile site versions. For example a 336×280 unit works best for PCs, but not for mobile sites. Similarly 320×100 ad unit is one of the best unit for mobiles and tablets, but it doesn’t work well for desktop version.
      4. Based on the above information, we can use multiple ad units for both mobile and desktop versions. For example, we can use a container box with a 336×280 ad unit and then change its setting to show only on desktop version and then use another container box with a 320×100 unit, which is only visible to mobile sites.

        Note: According to GA, on party games site, more than 60% traffic comes from mobile devices.

        Additional Note: I am not sure whether its a workable idea or not. Therefore, I haven’t implemented it on any of the pages.

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