Work Update – Filipino Business Ethics Page Update

Work Period: Jan 06 & 07, 2015
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $20.67*
                          (*Exclusive of $2.27 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Filipino Business Ethics Page:

  • You also said in the video that you already have recorded instructions for the following image, but I did not get any such information on any of the previous videos. However, I have added your name at the bottom.
  • Also removed the Jomvie’s image from the top call-out box and replaced it with another call-out image.
  • Also made all other changes you advised in one of the high priority videos.
  • Did not distribute it via RSS as you asked, so please have a review and distribute it via RSS Feed.

    Adsense Split Test Update:

    • Created clone variations of the following pages and created Adsense experiments via Google Analytics.
      1. Craigslist Phone Verification
      2. HTML Photo Slideshow Code
      3. oDesk Team Application
      4. Hourly Jobs
      5.  Adult Truth or Dares on party games website
      6. Flea page on PPG
      7. House page on PPG
      8. Red-Hat Page on PPG
      9. You Page on PPG
      10. Kitchen Page on PPG


      Split-Testing Thank You Pages with Integrate SBI!’s Built-in Functions:

      • Watched the video about split testing thank you page via integrate SBI! functions and also read the help topics. As per my understand, this is possible. But to make this applicable, we must have to upload the source page where we have used the auto-responder form.

        For example: If we want to split test the form placed within the ‘Sexy-dares-1’, then we need to completely upload this page via UYOH.

        An easier way out would be to create BB2 thank you pages and redirect existing thank you pages to that BB2 page.

        For Example: we create a thank you page named as “thank-you-sexy-dare-autoresponder.html” and then place the HTML redirect code to the normal thank you page, and obviously we can add any GA experiment code on this BB2.

        Feedback About Jomvie’s Work:

        • Reviewed Jomvie’s work diary and other reports via Timedoctor.
        • Today he has worked for around 6 hours and from his work screenshots I didn’t see him working productive at all. There are multiple screenshots where he is not working at all. I am very concerned about his productivity because on Monday 5th Jan, he has worked for 5 hours and today 6 hours and in these 11 hours he productivity is zero.
        • Today he was online via skype and I also tried to contact him over there, but all in vain.
        • Also I didn’t receive a work update from him for either working days. Work updates are also not uploaded to Google docs. Well its best to review his productivity on the next working day when we have both his screenshots and previous day work updates, but until now I haven’t receive any work updates from him since you have asked me to manage him.
        • During his 11 logged hours, he has spent 6:30 hours on Dropbox, Producteev site and MS Word.
        • I think we should take this seriously, I will try again to get in touch with him tomorrow via email.

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