Work Update – Christmas Truth or Dare Cards Update

Work Period: Jun 18 & 19, 2015
Hours Worked: 10:20 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $32.55*
                          (*Exclusive of $3.62 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Christmas Truth or Dare Cards Update:

  • Finished creating all Truth or Dare Christmas cards, please have a review of Christmas Dares Product folder.

Dropbox YouTube Video Update:

  • Abi has transcribed the Dropbox video transcript. I have formatted it and then uploaded to the YouTube Dropbox video.

Transcription Support:

  • Abi has also transcribed and submitted most of the pending audios, so I have forwarded all of them for proofreading after reviewing them.

Other Administrative Support:

  • Watched more work update feedback videos and published all reviewed work updates.
  • Noticed something very strange on the party games site. The website header was sort of strange and I was not able to understand why this happened because I didn’t changed anything from the design and I assume that you’ve also not changed anything.
  • I quickly found a fix by removing the additional header image, but after implementing that, it was also removed from the C2 and FBI thank you pages.
  • The footer was also placed twice on the thank you pages, so I have fixed that as well. 
  • In one of the high priority video you asked me to investigate the email about the SSL certificate you sent me some days ago. I couldn’t find anything relevant within the SBI forums. However, as the email was sent by a Sitesell email domain, it looks trust-worthy.
  • I am not sure that whether you have installed this certificate in the past or not. If yes, then it is necessary to remove old certificate before installing the new software.  
  • Regarding your question about the current status of C2 merged stories task, the task has been finished and I have merged and built all merged pages.
  • About another audio file, where you have asked me about hosting adult sites on Inmotion hosting, I already have provided you feedback in another work update. Please review “Work Update – Adsense Alternate Ads and Experiments Update”
  • Listened to other audio files and made necessary changes, some of them were obsolete and do not require any action.
  • Since I don’t have any high priority videos left, therefore I moved to fixing of ideal-helper pages after the design changes.

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