Work Update – Craigslist Ad Posting and Alternative Research

Work Period: May 28-29, 2013
Billed Hours: 11 @$2.22/hour
Billed Amount: $24.42
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy

(A Screenshot from today’s work diary)
Craigslist Support:
  • Transcribed the following craigslist ads, please have a review of Dropbox and proofread the documents.
    • Success as a virtual assistant
    • Learn from Me on How I Became a Successful Virtual Assistant
  • About posting ads to craigslist in native languages, I think that it will not work. First, craigslist is not very popular in this part of the region (I have researched some traffic stats comparison, please review Craigslist project folder in Dropbox. OLX is a kind of website which is more popular here (I can say it surely at least for India and Pakistan).
    Second, posting Ads in Native languages is not a trend here, all ads are being posted in English so I think an ad in English would be much trusted as compare to local languages.

    Linkedin is also becoming popular and is most trusted when searching for a job, however as you know linkedin requires a lot of time and effort to establish a trust as you should link a lot of relevant connections. 

Blogger Diary Support:
  • About using WordPress for, I think that for a simple blog like this blogger is sufficient because WordPress would be much more advanced and complicated. 
  • Reminder: Listened to a voicemail, in which you asked me to remind you about $2/hour really? page. 
  • Updated the 4th January 2013’s diary page according to your voicemail feedback. Please have a review. its still saved in draft.

Administrative Support:
  • In reply to your voicemail about the ‘outsourced job search’ subproject, I think nothing is pending for this project and this can be removed from website projects excel sheet. 
  • Turned Mobilizeit! on for ideal-helper, I have tried and tested many online mobile emulating websites but neither of them gave actual preview, most of them had the same desktop preview. Perhaps I will test it again after some time.
  • Also listened and work through all of most of your voicemails, two of them were totally blank and didn’t have any audio
  • Sent a reply email to Kareeza (an ex virtual team member), you were also copied there so I hope that you are already aware of it.
  • About upgrading ideal-helper Youtube Channel, the channel is already upgraded to Youtube one. However, I have updated some social media links to its profile.

Party Games Website Support:
  • Approved four newly received funny dares, added them to the related excel-sheet and then marked each of them with the suitable category.
  •  Rotated more pages via Rss.
  • Published the following two new stories, please review them and let me know if you need any proofreading.
    • My First Kiss
    • Locked Out! 
  • Linked the said text to wedgies page to Anna and Sarah’s Diaper Dare Stories
  • Researched pictures for some pending stories and submitted them all (Publishing only one story a day).
  • Although I still have 5 new/unpublished truth or dare stories, but still I have ordered a new batch of 10 stories via Mechanical Turk.
List-Mailers Support:
  • Earned some more free credits and then sent a new advertising email to the members of all free list-mailers.

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