Work Update – February 2018

Monday, Feb 05 2018

  • Didn’t work Due to a local holiday

Tuesday, Feb 06 2018

  • Watched the video that you have recorded for ICOs
  • Since the audio was distorted so I cleaned up the audio and then uploaded the video to YouTube
  • Extracted the summary of the video and posted to the Trello card: ICOs – Overview Card
  • Read the Trello notifications and check related cards for comments.
  • Read the recent comments on Cointracking portfolio card, reviewed the CSV files and compared with both cointracking accounts. Also left a comment there for my findings.
  • Regarding this Trello Card: Deindex the internal business system pages – There are some issues with the OptimizePress pages as I cannot use the live-editor and OptimizePress settings. I am trying to figure that out.

Wednesday, Feb 07 2018

  • Watched the video you recently recorded for buying the dip
  • Uploaded the video to YouTube
  • Ideal-helper WordPress and OptimizePress had several issues, so I have created a full site back up before fixing those issues.
  • Major issues were related to broken files within the database, so I have fixed all those issues and now the live-editor is working.
  • Since I had to disable all plugins before fixing the database, so when I reactivated those plugins there were a lot of design issues e.g. homepage slider not working, the menu is not displaying in the right direction. Homepage content is all messed up. I have fixed some of those elements so far.

Thursday, Feb 08 2018

  • I have rebuilt the menu navigation
  • Fixed the homepage slider
  • Checked and updated all membership pages that were not secured.
  • Watch both the videos you recently recorded and added their links to ‘Uploaded not watched’ spreadsheet

Friday, Feb 09 2018

  • I have changed all membership pages to ‘noindex’ and ‘nofollow’. There were over 230 pages, so it took a little more time.
  • Since the site has been moved to HTTPs so I have updated the Google Analytics and Google webmaster account with this change because I was getting a message within WP dashboard.

 Monday, Feb 12, 2018

  • Read the recent Trello comments and updates
  • Listened to your call with Milena
  • Going through the Boss Method documentation and also taking my comments and questions to discuss with Milena (not finished)

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

  • Went through the Boss Method documentation and also taking my comments and questions to discuss with Milena (not finished)
  • Also following the instruction, watching the videos within the instructions and doing experiments on the tradingview account.
  • Trello card: Please document the procedure for when a WordPress site is down or not accessible – I was working on this documentation, but suddenly realized that most of the images on Ideal-helper pages are broken. This was due to the recent SSL change. Since Ideal-helper was initially built with a Temporary URL and all media still using the same old URL, so they weren’t showing at all. I did some research and resolve this issue. I have created a Trello card for this issue and will update it with the steps I took in order to solve this issue.

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

  • Watched the video that you have recorded today
  • Trello card: Images broken after SSL Upgrade – I have fixed this issue, also created step-by-step documentation for this process and attached to the Trello card.
  • There is another issue where Google Analytics was not getting any data after the site moves to HTTPS so I have figured that out as well.
  • Trello card: Please document procedure for when the WP site is down or not accessible – Worked on this as well. Still in process

Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

  • Trello card: Please document procedure for when the WP site is down or not accessible – Finished the document today and uploaded to the Trello Card
  • Went through the Boss Method documentation

Friday, Feb 16, 2018

  • Read and reviewed Trello comments and notifications and put my input where possible.
  • Finished reading Milena’s part of the instructions for the BK method introduction.
  • Started reading the Sami’s part and I really like his starting point. It’s simple, precise and clear and addressed most of the concerns I had at the beginning. Perhaps this part we may use for our initial training.

Monday, Feb 19, 2018

  • Reading the Sami’s part of the documentation. I think Sami has explained the task much easier than Milena, but he only provided basic information for each part whereas Milena’s part was most complex.
  • Read the recent comments and discussions within the Trello board.
  • Trello Card – Censor Image I have filtered the unnecessary parts of the image

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018

  • Read the Boss Method Summarized document and finished the Sami’s part and also Milena’s extended documentation towards the end of the document.
  • Trello Card – Make this page noindex and nofollow I have made this page noindex and nofollow. There were some more thank you and system pages so I updated them as well.
  • Not sure where should Faisal put these videos – Thanks for providing details about those videos, I have updated the workflowy as well as membership pages for these topics.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018

  • Not sure where should VA put these videos –  I have added the comments to internal pages
  • Reviewed Trello discussions
  • Read the Boss method documentation – Lesson learned by Francis on different currencies

Thursday, Feb 22, 2018

  • Skype call with Sami – Mainly discussed the boss method documentation and questions related to that
  • Finished reading the whole Boss method document. Also, the part where you put your lessons and Part  videos section (which is not finished I guess)
  • Extracted my questions for both Milena and Sami – I already have discussed those questions with Sami and planned a call with Milena on Saturday.

Friday, Feb 23, 2018

  • DE-Monetization – I have double checked and confirmed all pages were demonetized until January 2018. More details available on the card comments. Also removed the slider banners on IH.
  • SBI to WordPress Conversion FAQs / Customer support chat / Helpdesk –  Working on this, but didn’t finish this yet. There are a lost of FAQs and I am writing answers for each question, researching and linking helpful resources and uploading to the membership page.

Monday, February 26, 2018

  • Listened to the audio that you recorded for my questions. Actually, I already had answers to most of these questions, some of these Sami clarifies. I just put these questions for Sami so that he can improve the documentation. Perhaps, I put in the wrong Trello card. Most of the questions are related to his part of the documentation whereas some of the questions are general. For example, the some difficult terms are used within some Trello cards and when I first try to understand how the system works, it came up many times.
  • Converted the audio into a video format and uploaded to YouTube channel
  • Read the Short report that you shared with me in the Boss method documentation

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

  • Watched the video that you recorded for Improving System related to Project with Sami
  • Edited the video, removed unnecessary parts. Uploaded to YouTube and shared with the team
  • SBI to WordPress Conversion FAQs / Customer support chat / Helpdesk – Uploaded all the FAQs and provided answers to each question. (Not finished yet)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

  • SBI to WordPress Conversion FAQs / Customer support chat / Helpdesk – Uploaded all the FAQs and provided answers to each question. (Finished)
  • Reviewed the Trello card: Preparation for discussing Validation Process / Validation team member

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