Work Update – Convert Audio Files into YouTube Supported format

Work Period: Sep 26 & 27, 2017
Hours Worked: 6:40 @$5.00/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $30.00*
(*Exclusive of $3.33 Upwork fee service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Since I have watched all the video from the Uploaded not Watched spreadsheet, now I have moved to the audios in the high priority folder.

I have listened to all the audios, most of them were general discussion and I am not sure whether I should upload them to YouTube or now. However, I have uploaded the following audios after converting them into a video format.

Replacement Hiring

  • This is an audio which was recorded in the background when Nicole (A VA from the Philippines) has suddenly resigned. For the next hire we should make a list of the things that we should consider.
  • We need to keep the payment method in consideration
  • The replacement candidate should have a good communication level.
  • We have an onboarding sequence that we may follow.
  • Consider using the database of past hires (or shortlisted)
  • Ideally we need to have some backup solutions to handle such condition. For example, if we split test two or more candidates, we may hire the other person.

Investing in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency


  • Interested in investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency
  • Consider Blogging or audio blogging about bitcoins
  • The idea is to use VA’s for investment. Train them and ask them to invest on your behalf

How to monetize?

  • The first priority is to learn the whole process by small investments.
  • We should have a specific section (category) on IH for that e.g. how to get help from virtual assistants to invest in Bitcoins.
  • Try building the SBI C+T+P+M process to monetize in combination with BMA strategies

How to create a sales funnel?

  • A lead magnet would be a short report / steps e.g. how to start investing in Bitcoins with the help of a virtual assistant.
  • Then ask the subscribers for their feedback, experiences etc.

How to get high quality content which people will pay for

  • First source is to write / audio blog content based on our own experiences.
  • There is a site that offer courses/ provide reading materials and training

Side notes:

  • Consider selling those course on

Sprachmemo 035

  • We need additional sales force to implement and grow our sales funnels.
  • Outsourcing a sales funnel is not a perfect idea, but it’s functional at least. If it’s functional then we may measure it and split test it.
  • Next is the validation task – that is important and we’re building a database of tasks and trainings for future staff.
  • We need to focus on the sales department little bit more to generate additional income in order to pay for an expansion to our team.
  • We also need someone to do the validation tasks – Preferably a fresh person who doesn’t know our systems. For that Francis will do the validation for one of the tasks and then share share the Trello card and the procedure with the new hire

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