Work Update – oDesk Job Posting for Hiring of Another Assistant

Work Period: Oct 28, 2013
Hours Worked: 6:40 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $13.33*
                          (*Exclusive of $1.47 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

  • Listened to your voicemail, created notes out of it and saved to Dropbox….New Hire.docx
  • Created a private job opening for the new positions. Please have a review of it. 

Party Games Website Update:

  • About online shop for party games website and card manufacturer research, long time ago, I researched some custom card manufacturers for one of my clients. Although the research was very specific, but still I think it can help you. Fortunately I have successfully retrieved those searched results from my sent mails. Please let me know if you need these results.
  • Approved 2 more drinking stories from Mechanical Turk, researched one photo for each story and submitted to party games website. 
  • I think now we have enough drinking stories under drinking stories invitation and I think we should now ask for other stories. Please advise.
  • Distributed more pages via RSS.
  • Here is recently published drinking story: You Need a Damn Ashtray
  • Over the past few days party games website has been receiving so many stories by a Visitor (Lynn). But most of these submissions are pretty adult and explicit. However today I have published one of his story after some reworking because it was not that adult. Please have a review. He also submitted an original photo of the story, but it was too explicit. Therefore, I removed it from the submission. Didn’t distribute it via RSS
  • There was another story submitted by another visitor, but that was too explicit. Therefore I moved it to explicit content folder and then delete the submission. 

Ideal-Helper Website Update:

  • From recently added list mailer’s Listinsomnia has very bad performance. We already have sent out 14000+ mail messages, but conversion rate is around 0.16%. Therefore, I have asked Anil to stop earning credits for this service. 
  • Sent more mail messages via all list mailing accounts.
  • Transcribed and added page descriptions to Suvidh Marwaha Tier page. Distributed it via RSS feed. Analyze it report was not okay, but still ignorable.
  • I’ve brainstormed many keywords i.e ‘outsourcing videos’ ‘outsourcing gurus’, but couldn’t find any suitable results. 
  • I’ve saved screenshots from opening a worker account on Amazon Mechanical Turk to Dropbox
  • Submitted following two pages to Stumbleupon directory:

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