Work Update – Outsourced Job Research

Word Period: January 07-08, 2013
Billed Hours: 10:10 @$2.22/hour
Billed Amount: $22.57
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy
(A screenshot from today’s work diary)

Project Outsourced Job Research:
  • Unfortunately excel files can’t be uploaded therefore I changed it to a zip file and then uploaded it to the file manager.
  • Created a sort of cover page for this excel sheet download.
  • Created paywithatweet button and added to the blog post along with the ecover. 

eBook Support:

  • Replaced the copyright info for all ebooks, also replaced all ebooks to their latest versions
  • Here is the overview of the new copyright notice
  • Cleaned up and created ebook ‘tips from an employer to freelancer’
  • Also created it’s cover page, please review. Everything is ready for this, please provide a suitable text for paywithatweet button.
Administrative Support:
  • Added ‘nofollow’ ‘noindex’ to Hiring a Virtual Assistant page, Also added the said link to the text. (see screenshot below)
  • At the virtual assistant blog, now you can have an image with each blog snippet, but it wasn’t showing for Increasing Monetization with Adsense page.
    Therefore I have changed the size of the picture to 480px, but its still not appearing to the Rss blog. Also tested with the size of first picture, but didn’t work.
    I think for C2 submission, pictures only submitted through invitation form work on the Rss blog.

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