Work Updates – Aweber Email Funnel Building

Work Period: January 11-12, 2013
Billed Hours: 09:30 @$2.22/hour
Billed Amount: $21.09
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Easy

(A screenshot from today’s work diary)
  • Added another 7 transcribed emails to Aweber funnel. 
  • Placed the cover into the aweber form. A thank-you page and and a page for downloading this ebook is required.

Outsourced Job Research Results:
  • added a paywithatweet button under the ‘Outsourced job research results’ banner.
Administrative Support:
  • Tried to proofread all denied articles and re-submitted to infobarrel

Party Games Website Update:

  • Video Feedback Response: You asked for some changes to “dares for truth or dare”, so I have made all changes and also converted this page to BB2.
  • Video Feedback Response: About the ebook cover pages that you are unable to see, I have checked in chrome, firefox and IE, and its working correct on all three browsers.
  • Rotated More Pages via Rss
  • Received a new content 2.0 submission, I have cleaned it a bit and published it. Since it had below 300 words therefore I have merged it into another post. Please have a review and let me know any changes.
  • Posted another short submission as a comment, deleted the original submission
  • Did the same with another short submission:
  • There was another submission which I deleted because it only had ‘Flash the room’ 

Party Games Color Testing Project:
  • I have created a new ad banner for color testing put that into the truth-or-dare-stories.html, but I think we should test it on another page, because this page is showing a backup ad from sitesell

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