Work Update – Party Games Website Administrative Support

Work Period: Feb 21, 2013
Hours Worked: 6:10 @$2.22/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $12.33*
(*Exclusive of $1.36 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium


  • About the newly converted BB2 page icebreaker games, where ebook link wasn’t working, I have checked from all three major browsers and its working fine for me. Please recheck if you still have the same problem.
  • Removed adsense from ‘True Stories about Girls’
  • Received another DUYP submission, cleaned it up and then published it. Please have a review of ‘So Embarrassing Dares for Me Only’Note: A couple of days ago I also published another similar story from the same sender (Sarah from Ohio). Although both stories have some similarities therefore I published them separately. Both stories have more than 300 words.
  • Received another short C2 submission that I posted as a comment.


  • Also I think that often we receive a lot of similar submissions that I have to post as a comment, but most of the times I don’t find any suitable posts to submit these comment. In fact we only have 2-3 particular pages where I can post these comments (obviously comments cannot be posted to Tier pages) so I propose to create 2-3 short Content 2.0 pages where I can submit these short comments because existing C2 posts are already flooded with comments.
  • Please see party games website webmail, there is a reply email from Brisbane
  • Transcribed and Submitted a comment under this post.
  • Rotated more pages via RSS

Ideal-Helper Administrative Support:

  • Submitted a transcribed bloglet.
  • I have started working on the Mechanical Turk Outside US project, but could not created an account with because my country is not in their approved list.
  • I am not sure how important it is to provide your actual physical address, but if possible I can provide your mailing address for this purpose.
  • Link Building and Transcription Support:
  • Transcribed and submitted comments under these posts.
  • Although I have transcribed and submitted comments to both above posts but still no one can either visit profile or website link. For one post I used twitter login and for other I created a user account on the same website, but neither worked.
  • Transcribed and submitted to the following forum post:

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