Work Update – SBI to WordPress Conversion Sales Page

Work Period: Oct 15 & 16, 2015
Hours Worked: 12:30 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $39.38*
                          (*Exclusive of $4.38 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

SBI to WP Conversion Sales Page

  • Watched the video about the sales page and made the following changes to it.
    • Hide the original banner, tagline and navbar etc and created another specific banner for this. 

    • Make this page as a new site within the Ideal-Helper site based on the example you provided. 

    • Created a new navigation menu and temporarily linked the text to jump tags within the page. We can also create more sub-pages based on this page and then link to other pages as well.  
    • Illustrated the page with Call-out boxes, images, font styles etc.
    • Added a testimonial box based on the feedback provided by the latest client.
    • Created an Aweber form and added into the page 
    • The Header was not responsive for mobile sites, so I found a solution and created a new header for mobile devices.
    • Also some links to mobile banners to show as the Nav-bar.
    • Please review and let me know if you need any changes. Some tasks are pending at your end, so I have updated the Trello card accordingly. 

Budgeting Spreadsheet Update:

  • As we discussed in the Skype call, I have updated the budgeting spreadsheet with two new sub-sheets. One is to track the performance of our hard products (eBooks) and other is to review and track our services (BB2 and WP conversion services). Please review and let me know if you need any further assistance. 
  • Also created tracker links to track Christmas Truth or Dare alternate banners with the help of Google link shortener service. I have added more details into the Trello card. 

Ideal Helper General Feedback Poll

  • Made necessary changes to the Ideal-Helper General Feedback poll and also improved its design by wrapping the form into a call-out box. Please review and validate the Trello card if nothing if it’s okay to validate. 
  • Added the form into the following pages as you’ve asked.

  • Also found that some of the FBI forms (including this one) are still not responsive. Did you remember that a couple of months ago we escalated this issue to Sitesell support and they resolved the issue by putting a custom CSS code on the head section of the site, but I think the issue is not yet resolved completely. I have created a ‘pending for review’ Trello card for you, please review and advise. 

Other Administrative Support:

  • Also watched some other videos from the high priority folder and created Trello cards for each task. I have almost cleared the backlog of old videos and only a few videos are left which you have recorded recently. 

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