Work Update – Setup Server in Cloudways for Client’s Site

Before working on the actual server setup, I watched some video tutorials and read the documentation about setting up a server in cloudways.

The following are the instructions on how I setup the Server of the site in Cloudways:

  1. Given the siteL login credentials, I logged in to their Cloudways account.
  2. As required by the setup, I choose to install WordPress as the Application in the server.
  3. Fill in the required fields: Name your App, Name your Server, Name your Project. I followed the email address of the account in filling up the said information which is Deeper Sight.

4. As per the instructions of the client, I choose Digital Ocean as the Server, 1GB for Server Size and San Francisco for the Location.

5. Launch the server and wait for the Cloudways to finish the setup.

6. After the Cloudways added the server, all the credentials such as SSH, Cpanel access and Managing Services are now available to use.

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