Work Update – YouTube Videos

Work Period: Sep 07 & 08, 2017
Hours Worked: 8:00 @$5.00/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $40.00*
(*Including $4.00 Upwork service fee)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Watched the following videos from Uploaded not watched spreadsheet. Also created a Google doc for each video where required.

Hiring Manager – Hiring a Webmaster through

  • This video is about how to hire a Webmaster.
  • How to post a job on
  • How to screen and shortlist candidates

Goals for Q1 2017


  • Hire fresh team members and make them able to work as self-sufficient as possible on and in my business systems.
  • Increase amount of systems validated.
  • Have all training ready and logically ordered to re-start the sbi to wp conversion service with new team members.


  • Hire VA as validation team member and train her
  • Make use of support from my main VA via skype or training files
  • Hire sales VA and train her
  • Hire Webmaster VA for SBI conversion and use training on her

Plans fo Q1 2017

  • Video preparing / Uploading to YouTube project
  • Backup all YouTube videos
  • Safe access for Validation VA to YouTube channel for uploading videos
  • Train VA to edit and cut videos
  • Train VA to make the decision where to divide videos and where to place them next
  • Work on Improving sales results using the training materials

Fixing Aweber Broken Links

  • This video is a live illustration of how to fix broken links in Aweber.

Hiring Manager – negotiating hourly fees (Executive only)

  • This is a private video that should be kept confidential and not be distributed with other team members.
  • The video is mainly related to Hiring Manger and hiring policies that how we should negotiate the hourly price with any new hire.

Moderating C2.0 with Emails and pics

  • This video explains some live examples of how to moderate user submitted C2 submissions on the party game website.

WP Conversion Time Calculation Feedback

  • This is a feedback video for one of the past WordPress conversion jobs we had. In this video Francis and his main VA were discussing average conversion time per page.

Procedure when uploading videos to YouTube

  • This video explains how to upload videos from you local drive to our YouTube channel and what settings you should consider while uploading these videos.

Define levels of validation

  • This video explains how to create a validation system and define different levels of validation from A to F.
    • F only video not watched
    • E video watched with summary in a file
    • D video watched, uploaded,  summary in Trello with additional info
    • Minimum to go to the next video file if no feedback received. Add follow up questions directly in Trello.
    • C same, concept is clear and all questions cleared. Experience from the Main VA (or specialist for that particular system) is included if possible.
    • B same, trello is done and content uploaded to Optimizepress
    • A same, concept has been run as proof through a fresh hire who could use the documentation from start to finish to do the task without major questions.

Time doctor problems

  • This video was recorded after a new hire encountered some issues with setting up the Time doctor time tracking software. We should to update the on-boarding Trello card in order to provide more information about this issue.

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