Jomvie’s Daily Work Update – Administrative Task

Work Period: Sep 11, 2014
Hours Worked: 8:10 @$2.50/hour
Money Paid to Jomvie: $20.42*
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Medium

Ideal-Helper Comment Task

  • One thing I love with this comment task is that it grinds my brain before taking to a more serious task (not so serious–just a little complicated:)
  • It also helps me break away from boredom, especially when I was writing a content and I sort of break away from it and read some post from my comment task.
  • It takes me back from the website’s history and sometimes it’s fun reading at them and often times I’m confused and puzzled when it talks about technical stuff.

Blog Post Writing

  • Bloglet from 8/27/2014 Work Update–posted and archived
  • This is the final title I used in this bloglet: Storms and Heavy Rains Affecting Virtual Assistant From The Philippines
  • This post originates from my diary that talks about the recent storm, do check this “bloglet”

Bloglet-vacation and power outage

  • This post originates from my diary which talks about preparing for rotational brownout. It also touches the topic of storms that’s greatly affecting greater Manila rather than in the city where I live in.

Post Updated

  • Christian Ethics in Business
    • Updated the post since it hasn’t been posted yet. My main focus for this post is about knowing the person first of all before saying some things that might get him/her offended.
    • Every individual have their “faith” and belief and not everyone will believe in God. And that we should respect to what they believe in.
    • It should be a lesson that we should not mix our religious beliefs with our work or business–only if you knew the person so well that might be a ground for consideration.
  • Update on ctrl + printscreen button
    • I can’t seem to make my print screen button work–this is supposed to help me get an image while Dropbox is in sync
  • How to avoid information overload?
    • This is in response to the question on “how to avoid information overload?”
    • There are times when I am getting too much information, probably when my brain can’t process them all in one at a time, it causes me to stop from what I am doing and all I want to do is just turn off the computer and rest for a while.
    • But, how should I keep myself from information overload? And in my case, I work as a virtual assistant that should process information from time to time.
    • For me, in my own experience, first is to get myself warmed up. Like, take a task that will not knack my brains out and the best examples are:
  • Reading, proofreading or comment task
    • These tasks are just plain and simple and that will not use 80% of my brains. But, there are times also that comment task is purely confusing especially when it talks about “How-to’s in the website”–the technical stuff.

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