Work Update – Mobizen and Trello Updates

Work Period: Jul 20, 2016
Hours Worked: 5:00 @$3.50/hour
Money Paid to Me (Virtual Assistant): $15.75*
(*Exclusive of $1.75 charged by oDesk)
Overall Difficulty of Tasks: Intermediate

Watched the recent Mobizen videos, cropped into several parts, uploaded to YouTube and then linked to their relevant Trello cards

  • Reactivate IH email list
    • Updated the Trello card with the cropped video
    • Extracted and combined all Aweber emails into one document and uploaded to the same card
    • Extracted all links added to each message and then uploaded the spreadsheet into the same card
  • Rework signup offer
  • Marketing funnel creation – You Also want me to upload the graphic (7 stages of building an online business) to membership area, but I couldn’t find a proper system where I should create a page for this infographic.
  • Generate internal traffic to landing page
  • Create a broadcast (reactivating DUYP subscribers) to the landing page of Christmas Dares. Perhaps a series of emails up to Christmas
  • Optimize thank you page for IH
  • Set up PPG remarketing
  • Increase traffic to PPG sales page
  • Better Monetization of the Flea Page (PPG)
  • Reactivate IH email list – No video added, just updated the checklist as you have asked in the video.
  • Rework Meta description for all Ideal helper posts
  • Set up the virtual-assistant-blog.html page
  • Replace all affiliate links to oDesk to another affiliate service
  • Tier page – fire virtual assistant
  • Pose and share new images – Created this Trello card for you.
  • Using Trello cards as membership pages (template example)

Please note I have moved all these cards to my board, I will review all of these and will move to your card once I worked on my part.

Membership Area Update

Watched videos and created the following membership area pages

  • Stripe payments – Also researched both services to compare there fee structure. PayPal fee is slightly higher for small sellers.  I have commented under the same membership post with actual fee charged to you by PayPal. Here you can find more details about their payment structure. However, it also varies from one country to another as you can see in this page.

paypal vs stripe comparison

  • Based on another video, I have updated the copyright year on all sites. On Ideal Helper and party games site, it was already updated. However, I have changed it on the PPG and diary site.

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